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George Botros


George is an Immigration Lawyer and Migration Agent with close to 10 years’ experience in immigration and visa related matters, working on a range of issues across Government Department files, Tribunal matters and Federal Circuit Court cases.

Working on the visa related matters for private businesses and larger corporate entities, George has built a personable and professional relationship with his clients to handle their complex visa applications and skills shortages in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

In the Global Mobility space, George has been able to effectively address the concerns of senior executives and directors and advise on the secondment of employees and sponsored temporary working visa holders when an entity is changing its business structure.

George’s expertise and friendly approach to handling difficult or sensitive visa matters and immigration related queries has allowed him to retain clients on the brink of despair to seeing them through to their permanent visa grants and applications for Australian Citizenship.

Highly regarded by his clients and colleagues, George has quickly forged a reputation for being able to get the right result through the fastest approach. George has also built close networks through community bodies to process humanitarian visas and George is an advocate for social justice.

Navigating the immigration/visa framework is no easy feat and as Head of our Global Mobility Division, George has been able to reunite families and strives to achieve the best outcome for clients who engage his services.