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Dispute resolution

Unfortunately, disputes are part of life. Many can be solved with a simple conversation, but when the dispute involves a serious matter such as a property or contract, bankruptcy, professional negligence, forced sales or will contesting, then you may well require formal legal advice. That’s where Madison Marcus comes in.

Our dispute resolution division has some of Australia’s most experienced and trusted lawyers who specialise in protecting the interests of our clients in all stages of a dispute, from pre-litigation negotiations through to legal proceedings before Australian courts and tribunals.

While we can provide expert assistance at any stage of a dispute or negotiation, we recommend clients engage our services as early as possible, as generally this will be when you have the widest range of options available to you.

We can advise you of the various possible courses of action, their advantages and disadvantages, and the associated legal costs. We also proactively identify risks and advise how to avoid or minimise those threats. To further enhance risk management, we provide fixed prices where possible to ensure you’re aware of costs upfront, providing transparency and cost certainty.

We take pride in assisting our clients to avoid disputes and litigation in the first place, by reviewing their contracts and representing them in contract negotiations.

The number of issues that could require dispute resolution is far-reaching and hard to fully encompass in a list. Whatever your situation, our team is ready to provide you with expert assistance to ensure the best outcome in a timely manner.

For all enquiries in relation to dispute resolution matters, or for a free 15- minute consultation, please contact our expert team today via the form on this page.

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