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David Napoli


With a robust 13-year background in strata and construction law, David has emerged as a key figure in the legal landscape, renowned for his expertise, client-centric approach, and impactful legal strategies. Initially grounding himself in general practice, David quickly ascended to a specialised focus at a leading Strata Specialist Firm, progressing from lawyer to special counsel since 2010.

David’s proficiency spans across various facets of strata and construction law, including litigation, building defects, property law, and neighbourhood disputes. A particular area of influence has been his involvement in cases impacting the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, notably leading a pivotal case that reformed NSW law regarding strata communities.

At the heart of David’s approach is a dedication to understanding each client’s unique story and objectives. This dedication to detail and strategic planning ensures tailored and effective legal solutions. His commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of new legal developments further cements his role as a dynamic and forward-thinking legal expert.

David is not just a legal advisor but a dedicated advocate, passionately fighting for the best possible outcomes for clients. This blend of comprehensive legal knowledge and personalised service makes David an invaluable asset in any strata and construction legal matter.

Key Areas of Practice:

  • Strata advice and litigation
  • Building defects claims
  • Property law
  • Easements, collective sales, and adverse possession
  • Neighbourhood disputes
  • By-law drafting and enforcement