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The entertainment industry and media marketing are evolving. As the digital revolution emerges, entertainment and media industries, sports, commercial services and intellectual property rights are being disrupted by technology more than ever. It’s constantly changing how sports, media and entertainment content are created. This is why you need legal advisors who can act as an extension of your business, helping you understand what you need to know and with your best interests in mind.

Madison Marcus offers specialised legal services to high-profile individuals, brands and organisations in the sports, entertainment and media industries. Our lawyers understand the complex operating framework and regulatory environment affecting these unique industries and provide expert advice that can help to protect and maximise the value of your brand.

Our team is also able to act in a crisis relief role and provide advice that covers your legal needs as well as supports you in relation to your public relation requirements in situations that demand more than just a legal approach.
Where required, our lawyers engage experts who provide the highest quality strategic and practical advice to develop and maintain positive brand association and ensure long-term success.

Give us a call at Madison Marcus. We can provide you with expert assistance in the following aspects:


Understandably, your busy schedule will cause you not to make or read too long contracts for signing. You probably would end up signing it, even if you could not fully understand what you’re signing up for. The good thing is that we can review, draft and negotiate sponsorships, endorsements, licensing and distribution, corporate transactions, club transfers and media rights for you.

Intellectual property

It is paramount for businesses and high-profile individuals to defend their expressions of creative ideas with trademarks, copywriting and patents. This is most especially true in today’s digital age, where reproducing image art, music or text has become prevalent and easy. 

Intellectual property rights aim to protect the expression of ideas and artistic output while maintaining a creative environment. At Madison Marcus, we can establish, protect and enforce intellectual property rights through platforms, including trademark, design and patent registration, copyright advice and enforcement.

Public relations and defamation

Our lawyers have vast experience with defamation cases and the acumen to effectively manage the media and provide crisis management during a public relations event.

Governance and regulation

We advise on matters involving rules and regulation, compliance and enforcement of integrity issues including on and off-field behavioural misconduct, match-fixing, corruption and wrongful termination.

Commercial services

Do you need help and strategy in maximising your investment and overall wealth? Our team can provide expert advice on business and commercial structures, including joint ventures, shareholding arrangements, director’s duties, licensing and distribution and property transactions.

Taxation and financial services

The financial and accounting challenges and opportunities in the entertainment and media industries are unique. Despite the busy schedules, entertainers and athletes need to stay engaged and familiar with their assets, expenses and financial outlook to maintain good financial health. If you’re part of this industry and you need taxation and financial services, you can trust us at Madison Marcus. 

We can advise clients on the legal aspects of finance, investments and tax, including income tax and deductions, trusts, asset protection, superannuation structures and wealth management.

Safety and risk

Sports bring people together to exercise, socialise and have fun. But at times, injury can happen while playing sports. Who will then be liable? We can help you decide whether you have a personal injury claim or not. Our lawyers and accredited specialists can represent you in matters relating to sporting insurance claims, personal injury claims, discrimination, negligence and liability.

Litigation and dispute resolution

Our litigation and dispute resolution services are recognised in the country. We have a team that best exemplifies litigators. We can assist with sport-related disciplinary matters involving the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and World Anti-Doping Agency.

Criminal charges

We can represent and provide assistance with criminal charges, including pre-charge advisory and running your matter through to successful completion.

For all enquiries in relation to sports, media or entertainment law, or for a free 15-minute consultation, please contact our expert team today via the form on this page.

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