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Why do you need a tax lawyer? 

Businesses today operate within a complex matrix of federal and state taxation and superannuation laws. Handling finances and fulfilling tax obligations are essential matters to adhere to. While it may be alright to manage simple tax transactions, you may need the help of experts for complex issues. 

Hiring a tax lawyer can help you arrange your finances and optimise your tax situation. They can also help you comply with tax rules and handle disputes with tax authorities. With their specialisation on tax legal issues, as well as other tax law matters, they can offer more knowledge and tax advice. 

If you are looking for a reputable law firm to help you, Madison Marcus has a dedicated tax division that keeps up to date with the latest legislation changes and offers clear, practical, cost-effective advice and solutions to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our team of lawyers is positioned to deliver realistic solutions, especially in dealing with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). With us, you will be confident in our in-depth procedural knowledge of the tax system. We will work with you to resolve cases on income tax, payroll tax, tax litigation private rulings and even international tax. 

Our tax law specialists provide these essential services:

Tax Advice

We advise on complex tax issues at the federal and state levels. Madison Marcus provides businesses with the advantage of legal advice to all ATO matters, including ATO audits, ATO disputes, ATO debts, ATO objections and reviews. 

Whether you operate in a startup business or SME, or an investor and property developer in the real estate industry, our team is highly qualified and capable of providing advice and representing you on state taxes, duties and land tax, GST issues, estate planning, superannuation, overseas expansion and investment restructuring.

Superannuation – Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

We provide advice to SMSF members and trustees on superannuation law compliance. We also assist in implementing more complex and effective strategies for maximising retirement income for members from SMSFs.

Private Rulings

Any taxpayer, business entities, individuals and other tax entities can apply for a private ruling to the ATO. A private ruling is a binding advice that sets out how a tax law applies to you about a specific scheme or circumstance.

Private rulings are used by the taxpayers to determine tax certainties, such as tax exemptions and tax clarifications. This is done by applying to ATO. However, getting a favourable response from the ATO requires professional representation. In such a case, Madison Marcus can take up your case to ATO and ensure the best opportunity is given to you. In areas where there is ambiguity and potential tax risk, we can draft and handle private ruling applications.

International Tax

International tax issues can readily arise with ATO when it comes to your residency in Australia, whether you are a temporary resident or if you are travelling overseas. This also holds if you have foreign bank accounts, income, assets and investments. You are generally taxed for all your income. Therefore, it is important to get legal advice to properly deal with your obligations

At Madison Marcus, we have experience in foreign residence status, international tax and cross-border transactions, and have alliances with advisors in foreign jurisdictions.

Objection to Taxation Decisions

If you have received an unfavourable taxation decision, we can prepare and lodge objections on your behalf.

Tax Litigation

Tax disputes are inevitable circumstances in any business, and being summoned to the court without knowledge and experience is a losing battle. Madison Marcus has a team of dedicated lawyers who have the knowledge and expertise to represent you at all levels in your tax dispute – AAT, Federal Court and High Court.

Tax Audits

A tax audit is also done by the ATO as a formal review of your tax return in Australia after an entire financial year. An ATO tax audit can be a long, expensive and disruptive experience. If you are dealing with one, we can help ensure an audit runs smoothly and quickly, with a practical commercial result.

Payroll Tax

The government is increasing its surveillance of payroll tax compliance. We advise and assist clients in understanding the law and reaching effective solutions quickly.

For all enquiries in relation to tax or other financial matters, or for a free 15-minute consultation, please contact our expert team today via the form on this page.

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