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The world of construction and infrastructure is very serious for a reason – it is a world where big projects come with both big risks and big rewards.

Our dedicated construction and infrastructure team can offer a complete ‘whole project’ approach, providing expert legal advice all the way from inception through to delivery and completion.

At the start of the project, we can review contracts, draft amendment standard form contracts, custom design contracts and draft construction administration letters.

When a project is underway we can work with you to develop extension of time claims, variations, delayed damages claims, liquidated damages claims and all aspects of dispute resolution.

Then, when the project is completed, we can help with the back end. This may include contract disputes, contract warranty claims, enforcement options for SOP Act matters and everything else that comes with the completion of the project.

When advising on disputes, we take a commercial approach and have a strong focus on reaching out of tribunal/court resolutions. If litigation becomes unavoidable, our team have a record of success in leading and coordinating with our panel of pre-eminent expert witnesses and barristers. Our panel consists of industry leaders in their respective sub-fields within the construction and infrastructure space.

Our specialists advise some of Australia’s top developers, project home builders, principals, contractors and service providers on projects including major infrastructure projects, residential and mixed use, child-care centres, hotels and commercial developments.

For all enquiries in relation to construction and infrastructure matters, please contact our expert team today via the form on this page.

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