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Nikita Sofronov

Senior Associate

Key Areas of Practice:
Family Law
Separation & Divorce
Co-Parenting & Children Matters (Custody)
Spousal Maintenance & Child Support
Wills & Estates Planning & Dispute

Nikita is a dedicated legal professional who has worked exclusively in Family Law since admission in December 2015. With a focus on divorces, parenting arrangements, property division, spousal maintenance, binding financial agreements, child support, and more, Nikita has developed extensive expertise in this complex and often emotionally distressing area of law.

Throughout his career, Nikita has represented clients in various legal matters, including family domestic violence/AVO-related matters and family provision claims. His approach and work ethic is pragmatic and reasonable in style and manner to achieve the best possible result whilst prioritising his clients and family’s well-being during a challenging period.

By providing a sound voice of reason and demonstrating empathy, Nikita assists and supports clients in navigating through exisiting and potentially challenging situations, enabling them to move forward and have a chance to enjoy the next chapter of life post-separation and divorce.

Nikita’s professional attributes include being detail-oriented, patient, hardworking, and enjoying the opportunity to coach future lawyers. His work delivers unmatched satisfaction by having a meaningful impact and effecting positive change in people’s lives during times of uncertainty and distress. With a focus on honesty, integrity, and solution-oriented approaches, Nikita has successfully managed complex parenting matters, achieving favourable client outcomes despite challenging and prolonged legal battles.

With Nikita’s guidance, clients can trust in their expertise and experience to provide effective legal representation and support. Nikita’s dedication to their client’s well-being and his legal acumen ensure that individuals facing family and estate law issues receive the best possible guidance and representation.