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Elizabeth Densley


Elizabeth Densley is a seasoned legal professional specialising in Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution. As an associate in Melbourne, she brings a wealth of experience and a client-centric approach to her practice.

With a 2015 graduation and PLT completion in 2019, Elizabeth began her legal journey in Adelaide’s community legal centre. Her diverse roles across Family Law, Criminal Law, and Commercial Litigation honed her versatility and skills.

Elizabeth’s specialisation grew when she exclusively handled Family Law matters in 2021. This focus honed her expertise in tailored legal solutions.
Relocating to Mackay, Elizabeth serviced high-net-worth clients, including sugar cane farmers and mining industry figures. Her role showcased her adeptness at handling complex cases.

Elizabeth’s Commercial Litigation proficiency spans pre-court, ADR, trial work, and more. She extracts crucial details from extensive evidence, reflecting her commitment to thorough research and client success.

Beyond her legal prowess, Elizabeth champions accessibility and pro bono work, tailored advice, and demystifying legal complexities for clients. Her proactive approach involves staying current with court decisions and Commonwealth updates.

Elizabeth’s clients appreciate her honesty, trustworthiness, and guidance. Her journey from community legal work to a specialised associate underscores her adaptability and expertise in achieving favourable outcomes in Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution.