Samir Banga

special counsel 
sports, media & entertainment law
crisis management – criminal law

Samir heads up the Sports, Entertainment & Media, and the Crisis Management – Criminal Law Divisions at Madison Marcus.

Over the span of his career, Samir has handled a number of high profile matters in various courts around NSW and Australia. He conducts his own hearings and sentences based on the client’s interests. He has also instructed counsel in complex matters.

Sports law is a dynamic department that is made up of a number of elements, making up a multi-faceted, fast paced and often misunderstood area of law.

Sports law encompasses primarily compromises commercial law, with a focus on contract law, with elements of corporate law contract law, brand protection, intellectual property.

The team at Madison Marcus lawyers deal with high profile sports law client and matters covering sports such as the rugby league, cricket, soccer and Australian football league.

Samir has appeared in tribunals and judiciaries across various sports and is often involved with contract negotiations in favour of the individual sportsperson or the organization.

Samir enjoys both working as part of a team and autonomously. He is dynamic and pragmatic, being able to adapt to the situation at hand. It stands that there is no one size that fits all clients and Samir ensures that all legal solutions are catered to the needs of the specific client. Ensuring clear communication channels are maintained as a priority and being able to quickly adapt to a client’s need are paramount to Samir’s approach, which reflects Madison Marcus’ approach as a boutique firm.

Samir’s employment experience comes in different fields, which has broadened his scope and has widened his skill-set. This ensures he comes into the field of sports law with a multidimensional approach. Samir has experience in law, education and hospitality.

Samir has worked with clients ranging, from small misdemeanors on the field, up to matters that involve natural justice arguments heard in the courts of NSW.

Samir conducts hearings on behalf of our clients’ as well as instructing counsel as per the client’s individual requirements.

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