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The ‘dynamic and ever-growing’ area of proptech law

Explore the evolving world of proptech law in Australia through the lens of Yuqing Sui, a recognised and Accredited Property Law expert at Madison Marcus. This piece by Lawyers Weekly Lauren Croft delves into the complex interplay between technology and real estate, showcasing the legal challenges and developments shaping the sector. Yuqing‘s specialised knowledge highlights the critical role legal professionals play in steering through the changing landscape of proptech, emphasising the need for expertise in this growing area. To grasp the full scope of proptech’s legal aspects, click here to read the article.


“Technology and tech-related risks always come hand in hand. Nowadays, legal notices may be served electronically. Clause 20.6.2 of the NSW standard sale of land contract allows documents to be served via the online workspace. Under clause 20.6.6, a document is deemed served if it comes into the possession of the person.

Technology expands the channels of communication, but it also increases the risks of lawyers ‘missing’ a document served via a proptech platform or software. In the event of dispute, the proptech will provide a time stamp of the time the document is served, regardless of whether it in fact reaches the person having the carriage of the matter,”- Ms Yuqing Sui


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