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Category: Banking & Finance

MM-Blog Content 24 MAY 2023 - 010
When Do You Need FIRB Approval in Australia?
Are you considering investing or expanding your business in Australia? While investing in a foreign country can be an exciting endeavour, it’s important to navigate the legal requirements to ensure...
MM-Blog Content 24 MAY 2023 - 09
Why Hire a Lawyer for FIRB Matters
In an era of global connectivity, foreign investments play a vital role in shaping economies and driving innovation. However, they also raise important considerations surrounding national interests, economic security and...
MM-Blog Content 6 MAR 2023
Why Trade Finance Is a Win-Win Solution for Lenders and Corporates
Trade finance is a crucial aspect of international commerce, allowing corporations to secure the funding they need to conduct business globally. While many companies may be hesitant to engage in...
Blog Content 2 MAR 2023 - 06
Key Legal Considerations for Asset-Based Financing in Australia
As a business owner or decision maker, you may be considering asset-based financing to raise capital for your company. Asset-based financing is a common option for businesses looking to secure...
Blog Content 2 MAR 2023 - 04
Understanding Tax Structures for Sophisticated Investors and Family Offices in Australia
Designing and implementing tax-efficient investment structures is a critical component of any investor’s overall investment strategy. The Australian tax system is complex and always evolving. This is why you need...
Blog Content 08 FEB 2023
Do I Need A Banking And Finance Lawyer?
Banking and finance are essential parts of the commerce and trade industry. The economic development of any country is majorly dependent on a country’s banking and finance sector.  Moreover, a...
Why You Should Find a Financial Investment Lawyer
Why You Should Find a Financial Investment Lawyer
Financial investments are any activities that allow an individual to place or contribute monetary funds to any institution, organisation, business, property or product to acquire assets and gain income or...
Australian Banking and Finance Do We Owe Payroll Tax
Australian Banking and Finance: Do We Owe Payroll Tax?
The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires employers to withhold tax from employees’ wages and to lodge pay as you go (PAYG) withholding tax returns each quarter. However, what if you...
The Function of Shareholder Agreements
Are you a shareholder in a company? Or are you in need of drafting a shareholders’ agreement for your business? Shareholder agreements are important documents for every company, big or...
The Future of ESG Investment
We’ve seen a rise in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing trends in 2022, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. According to Bloomberg, ESG assets will hit $50...
MM_Blog_Images_Perfect tax Lawyer
Selecting The Right Tax Lawyer
Whether it is tax season or not, many people are having massive headaches with preparing financial reports and filing tax requirements. This is because fulfilling your tax obligations involves navigating...
MM_Blog_Images_Tax COuple
Tax Lawyers - Why You Should Hire One And How To Do It
Handling tax is an important part of managing a business. Whether you are running a big one or a small one, not being able to do proper audits or failure...
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Banks build on the Small Business Relief package to ensure more businesses are given assistance through the coronavirus pandemic.