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Category: Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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How the Lehrmann v Network Ten Decision Unveils the Dual Challenges of Legal Truth and Public Perception
The defence of substantial truth in a defamation claim is an interesting one. As seen in the recent decision of Justice Lee in Lehrmann v Network Ten Pty Limited [2024]369,...
Default Judgement 07 NOV 2023 LI
How do I set aside a default judgment in NSW?
In court proceedings, if you fail to file a defence within the specified timeframe the plaintiff (individual or entity which initiated the legal proceedings) can apply for a default judgment....
Litigation Article 24 MAR 2023 Blog-1[95]
The Litigation Process
Most people try to avoid going to Court as the process can be long, stressful and expensive, whether you are prosecuting or defending a claim. However, there are circumstances in...
Strata Article 23 AUG 2023 LI
To Litigate or Not to Litigate: A Case Study
“How can we resolve our dispute without ongoing and expensive litigation?  The Madison Marcus strata defects and dispute resolution team is dedicated to achieving cost-effective solutions for our clients and...
MM-Blog Content 24 MAY 2023 - 02
When Should You Dispute A Debt?
Have you ever received a notice from a debt collector and felt overwhelmed, unsure of your rights or what to do next? You’re not alone. With the economic impact of...
MM-Blog Content 24 MAY 2023 - 01
How to Protect Yourself from Litigation in Franchise Agreements
Franchising has become a popular way for many Australians to start their own business. According to IBISWorld, there are 1,267 franchising businesses in Australia as of 2023. However, the franchising...
MM-Blog Content 24 APR 2023 - 010
How To Avoid Insolvency in Your Construction Company
Australia’s construction industry is a significant contributor to the country’s economy, generating jobs and growth across the nation. However, the industry is also known for its financial volatility, with many...
MM-Blog Content 24 APR 2023 - 09
What Is the Limitation of Liability in Construction Contracts?
In the construction industry, disputes and claims arising from projects can cause significant financial and reputational damage to all parties involved. As a business owner, you may be familiar with...
Commercial Law Firm vs. In-House Counsel: What's Right for Your Business?
If you are a business owner or decision maker, then you may be wondering whether to hire a commercial law firm or an in-house counsel for your legal needs. Both...
How to Avoid Commercial Litigation: Tips for Australian Business Owners
Commercial litigation law can be a costly and time-consuming process for any business. In Australia, it encompasses a wide range of legal disputes that can arise in the course of...
Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Law
Whether you want to pursue your career as a commercial lawyer or are a business owner who needs to hire a commercial lawyer, it is crucial to know about Australian...
Blog Content 03 FEB 2023
Things To Consider Before You Hire A Commercial Law Firm
Commercial law firms are booming commodities in the market. With every growing business increasingly needing one for advice and continuous services, you need to know how to choose a commercial...
Blog Content 02 FEB 2023
Difference Between Commercial And Corporate Law
Are you running a business?  The terms ‘corporate law’ and ‘commercial law’ may arise from time to time whilst operating your business. Both of these laws determine the structure and...
Blog Content 07 JAN 2023
Do I Need a Lawyer to Review My Commercial Lease?
Leasing a commercial property has many considerations, such as the amount of rent, the length of the lease and the terms of renewal. To avoid disputes and protect your rights,...
Blog Content 06 JAN 2023
What Are Agreements for Business Partnerships in Sydney?
Going into business with a partner can be a great way to split the workload and share the costs associated with starting a new venture. But before you hand over...
Statutory Demands 10 NOV 22 blog
I've been served with a creditor’s statutory demand – what are my options?
A creditor’s statutory demand is a formal written request requiring a company to pay a debt within 21 days from service of the demand. A failure to respond to a...
Commercial Law and Litigation: Explained
Commercial litigation is a term that is used to describe any type of lawsuit that arises from a business or commercial transaction or dispute. Commercial litigation can range from contract...
Blog 10 OCT 2022 blog 010[31]
Commercial Litigation for ‘Unrepresented’ Individuals: What You Need to Know
The lack of legal representation for Australian commercial law means that many individuals are not able to have their voices heard in court. This can be a significant disadvantage as...
Blog 10 OCT 2022 blog 02[25]
Commercial Law: What Is It and Why Is It Important?
The Australian legal system is based upon the English Common Law (with modifications), wherein state, federal and local legislation regulates various business activities. In the absence of any applicable legislation,...
Shareholders Disputes
Written by Cristian Fuenzalida When individuals come together to set up a company as shareholders, there is an expectation that pre-established relations between shareholders will continue to thrive throughout the...
Blog 04 OCT 2022 blog-2
What Types of Cases Does a Litigation Lawyer Handle?
If you find yourself embroiled in a legal dispute, whether it is with a business or another individual, you may need to hire a litigation lawyer. A litigation lawyer specialises...
The Role of Commercial Litigation Lawyers
Do you need help in resolving a business dispute or tax issues? Perhaps, you are facing commercial litigation and you need someone to represent you.  Whatever your difficulties are regarding...
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The Role of a Commercial Litigation Lawyer
While running a business is already a complicated task, so is every dispute that can arise in the business context.  Commercial lawyers are expected to help clients navigate and address...
MM_Blog_Images_Corporate Lawyers
Corporate Lawyers and Their Important Role in Commercial Litigation
Navigating the ever-changing policies, legislations and amendments of the business and corporate world is difficult and at times, confusing. It is, therefore, crucial to engage with a lawyer’s legal services...
Commercial Litigation - A Closer Look
Businesses bring a lot of opportunities for investors, suppliers and employees. When business deals and contracts go well, they open possibilities for economic growth and employment, which can generate profits...
Why Dispute Resolution Provisions Matter
Disputes are inevitable occurrences in any transaction or dealing. In the business specifically, disputes are relating to any disagreement between parties over a certain breach in an agreement. Although businesses...
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Hiring a commercial lawyer is beneficial to your business. Read this article to know the things you should consider when looking for a commercial lawyer.
MM Blog Property Purchases 1 blog image
Important precedent for property settlement disputes
When selling property, the contract of sale typically dictates certain tasks that a vendor must undertake prior to settlement. In the recent matter of Namrood v Ebadeh-Ahvasi, the vendor was...
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A new era in data protection
We’re proud to be setting the benchmark in data protection by becoming the first law firm in Australia to partner with Secured Communications and sign up to their Mercury communication...
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Can I get paid now? The Pros and Cons of the proposed Insolvency Amendments in response to the COVID-19 Crisis
In order to combat what would seem to be a quick snatch and grab at debts, the Federal Government has announced as part of its stimulus package, that it proposes...
Copy of restructure corona
COVID-19 Crisis Poses Risk to Real Estate
How could the COVID-19 Crisis affect real estate in New South Wales? These unprecedented circumstances create many concerning and uncertain issues of which to be aware of.
Michael Mournehis Associate announcement
Madison Marcus promotes Michael Mournehis to Associate
The Board of Madison Marcus is delighted to announce the promotion of Michael Mournehis to Associate in our Commercial Litigation team.
Security of costs vintage marine art blog image
Vintage Marine Art – A New Approach to Security for Costs Applications?
Recently the Courts have adopted a new approach to determining an application for security for costs. The purpose of a security for costs order is to protect a defendant in...