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Category: Employment Law

The Importance of Employment Contracts in Australian Workplace Law
As an employer or an employee in Australia, you need to understand the legal framework governing the employment relationship. One of the key elements of this framework is the employment...
Blog Content 10 JAN 2023
Can I Give Shares as Salary to My Employees?
In Australia, it is common for companies to practise share schemes which come in two forms: Employee Share Schemes (ESS) and Employee Share Option Plans (ESOP). Both schemes benefit the...
Impending Gig Economy Reform & Deliveroo's Quick Hop
Deliveroo’s withdrawal from Australia last Wednesday, 16 November 2022, made public news when the fast-food delivery enterprise was placed into voluntary administration, effective immediately. The decision, which had been in...
Why You Should Use Sydney Legal Services to Handle Employment Law Issues
It is the employees’ obligation to follow all agreements between them and their employers. But it is the employer’s  responsibility to ensure that the employees are in a safe environment...
Blog 12 SEP 2022 blog-2
Finding a Law Firm in Melbourne: Some Helpful Facts You Should Know
There are many law firms in Melbourne, and choosing the right one can be daunting. The best law firm in Melbourne can be right before you, but you may not...
Article written by Michael Short News reports have recently reported that the families of two Uber Eats riders who died during their employment with Uber Eats have filed applications for...