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Thoughts and sympathies to the people affected by the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

On 4 August 2020, the world was shocked by the horrific explosion in Beirut, Lebanon which has killed at least 135 people and injured more than 5000 others. The stories of survivors and their experiences in the wake of the explosion are particularly harrowing.

Many people from all over the world are still grappling with the events that have unfolded and are desperate to understand how such a catastrophic blast could occur. Still, the consequences of the explosion have not yet been fully realised, as emergency workers and responders continue to search for survivors and tend to the injured.

In Australia, our Lebanese community and their extended family and friends have been deeply affected by this crisis, and we as Australians are similarly distraught.

Our team at Madison Marcus maintains strong relationships with these local communities, and we wish to extend to them our sincerest thoughts and sympathies. We cannot possibly understand how distressing this has been for those who have loved ones living in Lebanon.

We recognise that many people are experiencing this pain, and we want provide support to those who need help during this difficult time. We invite any who are affected by this disaster to reach out to our team for assistance and guidance. Please do not hesitate to contact our office for obligation free advice.

Our Global Mobility staff are dedicated to supporting you and working towards positive outcomes. We are proud of our diverse community and we value the strong relationships we have forged over our many years of service.

We know that the people of Beirut will remain strong, and we are confident that they will receive the love and support that they need from all of us at this very difficult time.

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