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Strengthening Legal Collaboration: Madison Marcus & Jingsh Law Firm Forge Ahead with Global Legal Services

Embracing a vision of global openness and accelerated internationalisation, the delegation of renowned Beijing firm Jingsh Law Firm embarked on a noteworthy visit to Madison Marcus Law Firm last Friday, February 16, 2024. This visit signifies a leap in high-level international exchanges and underlines a shared dedication to professional growth and the promotion of international legal collaboration.

This event signifies a major leap towards fostering international collaboration and demonstrates a commitment to elevating global legal services, relationships and innovation standards.

Leaders from both firms, including Bechara Shamieh, CEO of Madison Marcus, and Zhang Lingxiao, Director of Jingsh Law Firm, engaged in meaningful collective discussions about the pathways to professional growth, global client service strategies, and insights from navigating different legal systems. This dialogue went beyond merely building connections; it aimed at establishing a new benchmark for international legal practices.

Looking ahead, the alliance between Madison Marcus and Jingsh Law Firm represents a shift towards a more interconnected, innovative, and globally focused legal services landscape.

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In attendance: Bechara Shamieh , CEO of Madison Marcus Law Firm in Australia , Ramy Qutami , Managing Director , Yuqing Sui , Partner & Accredited Property Specialist, John de la Hoyde, Director & Head of Commercial Litigation & Insolvency Division, Annabelle Tan, Mergers & Acquisitions Senior Associate, Verdiana Riolo, General Manager of Madison Marcus, Kira Zanotti, Marketing & Communications Lead Manager of Madison Marcus,  Zhang Lingxiao , Director of Jingsh Law Firm, @Li Dawei , Head of Preparation and Establishment of Jingsh Law Firm’s Australian Cooperation Office, Li Jianping , Director of the National Business Steering Committee of Jingsh Law Firm , Wang Faxu , Honorary Director of the Criminal Committee of Jingshi Law Firm , Lan He , Equity Partner of Jingshi Law Firm , Han Guangxu , Director of the Corporate Operation and Maintenance Legal Affairs Department of Jingshi Law Firm, Li Tongqing , Director of the Enforcement Business Professional Committee of Jingshi Law Firm (National) , Contract Fraud of Jingshi Law Firm Zhang Lijun , Director of the Prevention and Defense Legal Affairs Department, Wang Zuwei , Director of the Securities Legal Affairs Department of Jingshi Law Firm, Zhao Li , Director of the Property Crime Legal Affairs Department of Jingshi Law Firm, Zhang Zhiwu , Director of the Management Committee of Jingshi Changsha Law Firm , Wen Xiufeng and Zhao Shuxin , lawyers of Jingshi Law Firm , Trainee lawyer Zhao Zhao jointly participated in this event.


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