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How to navigate negative interactions with stakeholders 

On this special episode of The Lawyers Weekly Show, produced in partnership with Madison Marcus, Theresa Armstrong details the importance of learning from uncomfortable or upsetting experiences — from the courtroom to client conference rooms — and how legal professionals can grow into the advocates they need to be.

Host Jerome Doraisamy speaks with Madison Marcus Director Theresa Armstrong, who is the managing partner of the firm’s Parramatta office, about her storied career in law, why open conversations about upsetting moments with key stakeholders are needed, some of the teachable moments she’s experienced in her own career, why clients may feel emboldened to mistreat their lawyers, and the experience of women lawyers in such interactions.

Ms Armstrong also delves into practical ways that lawyers of all stripes can regain their confidence, develop their resilience, build up their emotional intelligence (particularly in a post-pandemic landscape, in which more lawyers are working remotely and flexibly), why lawyers should be unafraid to learn from such upsetting interactions and how doing so will ultimately help them become better practitioners.

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