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Why Should You Seek Help From An Immigration Lawyer?

According to the Parliament of Australia, Australia is one of the world’s major countries where immigrants go to. From 1945 to 2015, over 7.5 million people who are originally from overseas are recorded to have become part of Australia’s resident population. This number has continued to grow over the following years.

Why Do People Migrate?

There are several reasons why people choose to migrate. It can be to broaden their job opportunities, to ensure their security during a conflict, to seek better environmental factors, to attain educational growth or to live with their loved ones.

What Is Immigration Law?

As stated by the Legal Services Commission of South Australia, Migration Law determines an individual’s right to enter and remain inside Australia. This involves the duration of stay and what legal rights and responsibilities non-citizens can have while in the country. This is a Commonwealth Law, meaning that this set of regulations is the same throughout Australia. Under Immigration Law, non-citizens in Australia are required to have a valid visa, or else they would be subjected to mandatory detention or deportation.

What Does an Immigration Lawyer do?

Immigration lawyers handle all the legal processes involved in an individual or a group of people’s migration to a country. They educate clients about the immigration law and help them know their rights and responsibilities as immigrants. They also take care of citizenship and business immigration problems and assist individuals in getting travel, work or student visas. In case of a legal dispute with regard to immigration, they represent their clients in courts.

When Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

It is recommended to seek help from an immigration lawyer if you are experiencing the following issues.

  • Difficulty in obtaining a visa or unsure of what type you should apply to
  • Unsure of your eligibility for citizenship or other immigration benefits
  • You are at risk of deportation
  • Experiencing confusion with regard to paperwork and filing of documents
  • Had an immigration application but has been denied
  • Involved in an immigration court proceeding
  • You need assistance or counsel about the immigration process
  • You are an employer who needs to hire workers from overseas

Why Is An Immigration Lawyer Important?

Hiring a lawyer with expertise in immigration law comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

They will help you understand the law.

The immigration process and the Australian visa system can be complex and confusing. Each country has its own set of laws and regulations. This is why for someone who is not born in the country they are migrating to, it can become overwhelming and daunting. 

Immigration lawyers can explain things in a clear manner. They will introduce you to your rights, how the immigration process works and what you should do to resolve your issue. They will also provide counsel that will guide you on the next steps you should take to become a legal migrant.

They make sure that your application is complete and without error.

Paperwork related to immigration law is sensitive. Even a minor mistake can result in a delay with regard to your application or can even cause it to be denied. Without assistance from an immigration lawyer or Australian immigration law services, you put yourself at risk of submitting wrong information, filing at the wrong office or not being able to submit the necessary documents in time. 

An immigration lawyer has the necessary experience and is capable of guiding you through the proper steps, which can help boost your chances of obtaining work permits, citizenship and more.

They have the necessary training and experience to help you.

Immigration lawyers are professionals who have valuable knowledge when it comes to Migration Law, which can help you with your problem. They know all the necessary steps and documents needed to ensure that your issue gets resolved. Given that they have handled cases like yours before, they know what to do, which can save you money, time and effort.

They can provide you with options.

There are many reasons why people want to migrate to Australia. This results in different types of cases depending on an individual’s circumstances. Immigration lawyers can study your case and provide different options to make the process go smoother while also adhering to your budget, availability and other factors.

They know the latest Australian Migration Law updates.

Immigration law in Australia can change from time to time. What may be applicable to your case today might no longer be acceptable for the next month. Not keeping your forms and other documents up to date or following old protocols can result in the rejection of your application. Having a lawyer will ensure that you are complying with the latest rules and regulations.

How Madison Marcus Can Help You

For over 40 years, Madison Marcus has assisted countless individuals and businesses realise their travel ambitions. We have the knowledge, connections and drive to support you in all manners of global mobility and immigration. We are a multilingual firm that has helped a number of people with international movements to and from Australia.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Corporate and skilled migration
  • Business innovation and investment visas
  • Temporary skilled shortage visas
  • Employer nominated and regional sponsored migration
  • Short-stay specialist visas
  • Distinguished talent and temporary activities (sport and entertainment) visas
  • Administrative appeals and Federal Circuit Court
  • Student visas
  • Working holiday visas

We can also offer assistance with family migration (partner and child visas, career and parent visas, Australian citizenship) and refugee and social justice issues (humanitarian visas, temporary protection and safe haven visas).
If you are in need of Australian immigration law services, take advantage of our free 15-minute consultation, and we will do everything we can to help you. Contact us today.


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