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Why Should You Seek Help From An Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration to Australia is dynamic. The country is considered one of the world’s major immigration nations, together with Canada, New Zealand and the USA. In 2020, over 7.6 million migrants were living in Australia. This number was 29.8% of Australia’s population that were born overseas. In the same year, the country’s population increased by 194,400 people due to net overseas migration. 

Immigrants enter Australia using various visa options. In addition to visitor visas, there are studying and training visas, working and skilled visas, family and partner visas, refugee and humanitarian visas, repealed visas and other visas like bridging visas. The two distinct programs that allow permanent migrants to enter the country are the Migration Program and the Humanitarian Program. The former is for skilled and family migrants while the latter is for refugees and those in refugee-like situations.

Australia’s immigration law or migration law is governed by the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) and the Migration Regulations 1994 (Cth) which are administered by the Department of Home Affairs. The government allots places, or quotas, for those wanting to migrate permanently to Australia under their programs. The size and composition of the Migration Program is changed annually through the government’s budget process.

The reasons to move to the country have varied over time. Many migrants have been hoping to secure a better life as they seek job opportunities or relief from conflict in their homelands. Other common reasons for Australian immigration are family purposes, education and marriage. 

Are you also thinking about moving or staying in the Land Down Under? 

Immigration in Australia continues to increase as the government creates many opportunities for immigrants to enter and settle in the country. However, migration can be a long, difficult process. It can be confusing and overwhelming to get through an application. You should consider having an immigration lawyer at your side to help you navigate the process and improve your chance of achieving your migration goal.

Why Is an Immigration Lawyer So Important?

The immigration pathways are often complex. If you’re hoping to live, work or study within Australia’s borders, an immigration lawyer can help you, your family or business to navigate the elaborate immigration processes.

An immigration lawyer deals with all legal matters relating to immigration and nationality. They know the law of immigration and can work on a range of areas, from asylum and human rights claims to how a business can secure immigration statuses for employees and more. If you’re not certain about your eligibility or other immigration benefits, you would also want to consult an immigration lawyer. 

What Can I Expect From an Immigration Lawyer?

Getting an immigration lawyer is technically not required, but doing so will benefit you a lot. Here are some reasons why you should get one.

  1. An immigration lawyer has extensive knowledge of and updated information on Australian migration and the law of immigration. 

With the immigration laws constantly changing, complying with the latest regulations can be difficult. Visa forms change, and you might fill out an old form or follow an outdated protocol. If that happens, your application is at risk of being rejected. 

Immigration lawyers can inform you of the latest changes and give you the correct application form. Having the best knowledge of the immigration laws, they can also explain the immigration process and give you options to make the process smoother. 

  1. An immigration lawyer makes sure your application is accurate and complete.

One minor error on your application can lead to a delayed and even a rejected application. If you happen to provide insufficient or incorrect information, or you did not include the needed documents, your application can get rejected. You will then need to contact the Department to fix your application or you’ll submit a new one. 

An immigration lawyer can help you ensure your information is correct and up-to-date, and you have all the required documents.

  1. An immigration lawyer is held by professional standards.

As they uphold professional standards and are held accountable for such standards, you can be sure that immigration lawyers will only work within your best interests. They also charge reasonable fees and always abide by the law.

  1. An immigration lawyer can explain legislation.

An immigration lawyer is trained to interpret legislation, as well as apply the law to your application. Legislations are not easy to interpret, so a lawyer’s knowledge is definitely useful when writing submissions, helping you frame your case effectively. Their technical knowledge of legislation can also help you meet all application requirements.

  1. An immigration lawyer can be a representative or an advocate.

If required, an immigration lawyer can represent you at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or in court, as well as advocate on your behalf on any request for Ministerial intervention in your case.

  1. An immigration lawyer can give you tailored advice and process support.

Every application is unique, and the immigration lawyer can provide you with independent legal advice according to your circumstances. They can also give you the support you need during the application process. They can explain any requests from the Department of Home Affairs and respond to those on your behalf.

Do Immigration Lawyers Make a Difference?

Working with immigration lawyers during an application will help you ensure a smooth migration journey. They do make a difference as migration is more than just a visa application. They not only help you get a better chance of acceptance but also provide quality assistance. During the migration process, you may need to make important decisions, and these lawyers can give you honest and strategic advice that fits your circumstances. With the right advice, you’ll save time and money in the long run. 

How Madison Marcus Can Help You

If you want to maximise your chance of getting approved, get an immigration lawyer to help you navigate the application process.

At Madison Marcus, we have the expertise that you need. Our knowledge, connections and passion to support you in all manners of global mobility and immigration can help you achieve successful outcomes. We are also a multilingual firm, so we can communicate and understand our clients across the board. We also facilitate tribunal appearances within our humanitarian caseload because we also believe in championing the rights and representation of minority communities.
At Madison Marcus, we assure you of a world-class service when it comes to matters of international migration. For enquiries or a free 15-minute consultation, kindly contact our expert team today via this form.


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