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Why Should We Hire Tax Lawyers?

Running a business has complications, and one of the first things that you should pay attention to is how to manage your taxes. 

Despite the importance, many business owners fail to handle tax obligations. If left neglected, this can create a negative impression, losses and damage to your business. You need to find reputable law firms that will help you.

But, where can you find good tax lawyers?

Reasons to Hire Tax Lawyers?

Businesses are highly exposed to complicated legislation and rulings of the federal and state tax authorities, including superannuation. As a result, managing funds and following tax requirements are crucial. A small tax transaction can usually be easily handled; however, the most complicated taxation issues need professional service. 

Tax lawyers can lend a hand in organising your money and resolving tax issues. They can assist you in adhering to tax laws and settling tax disputes. They can provide detailed information concerning taxes and other legal matters.

Tax lawyers can be a great help if only you know where to go for good assistance.

Tax Lawyers Have Expertise in Their Field

To optimise your tax condition, obtain the expertise of a tax lawyer. It will help you comply with the requirements of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and keep your tax affairs in order. With their specialisation, tax lawyers can prepare the needed documents, provide legal representation and negotiate an effective resolution for many audits.

A tax lawyer provides clear, practical, cost-effective advice and solutions to get the best possible outcomes. Their services are trusted with their in-depth procedural knowledge of the tax systems. Whatever it may be you need to settle, from income tax to international taxes, their credentials will be a great advantage to you and your business.

What Does a Tax Lawyer Do in Australia?

One of the main responsibilities of a tax lawyer is to help handle your finances and fulfil your tax concerns. 

Asa result, the importance of approaching a well-experienced and accomplished tax lawyer cannot be underestimated. This will help you save time and energy.

Here, we itemise the things taxation lawyers can do for you:

·       Handle tax issues and negotiations with the ATO or Offices of State Revenue (OSR).

·       Handle legal consultations and provide representation in tax audits by the ATO or OSR.

·       Provide legal counsel and representation in tax appeals against an ATO or OSR decision.

·       Provide legal assistance and counsel in court or tribunal appeals from an ATO or OSR decision.

·       Provide legal advice and counsel in criminal cases.

When Do You Get a Tax Lawyer?

It is to your best advantage to know when to secure the services of an expert tax lawyer. This will help you avoid future complications and penalties. In particular: 

·       Before you send your tax paperwork to the ATO or the OSR.

·       When the ATO or the OSR is conducting a tax audit.

·       When you want to challenge an ATO or OSR audit decision.

·       When you seek to appeal from an ATO or OSR decision on an objection,

·       When the ATO or the OSR has commenced judicial proceedings against you.

How Much Do Tax Lawyers Make?

Tax lawyers can earn anything from $40,000 per annum, for entry-level positions, to leading senior counsel who charge $5,000 per hour.  

How Madison Marcus Can Help You

Madison Marcus can professionally handle your taxes and the services, with the help of its own lawyers or the network of barristers with which it works.  

Madison Marcus is well-positioned to provide practical solutions to your tax situation. 

For all enquiries or to book a free 15-minute consultation, contact us today.


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