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Why Is It Important to Know Family Law?

Oftentimes in a marriage, disputes and conflicts are intermittent issues couples encounter that often lead to separation. That’s why knowledge of family law is helpful. It helps each partner to weigh things before even deciding to get married.

Are married people always prepared? Why does divorce become a last resort to unsolved marriage problems? How can family law help?

The Ugly Truth About Divorce

No one gets married expecting to get divorced. Whilst several factors can contribute to the dissolution of a marriage, there are some ugly truths about divorce that often don’t get talked about.

Divorce is often expensive and stressful. The costs of lawyers, mediation and court fees drown many couples in a financial mess. On top of all the stress is the emotional anxiety these couples go through.

And finally, divorce often has lasting effects on children. Whilst divorce does not necessarily mean that children will suffer from long-term problems, it can adversely affect their mental and emotional health, leading to unhealthy lifestyle choices and bad decisions. 

Common Reasons for Separation

Divorce is one of the most difficult things a family can go through. Among the many reasons why couples divorce are the following:


This is one of the most difficult challenges that a relationship can face. The pain of betrayal of someone who took a vow with you can be mind boggling. We know that rebuilding trust is never going to be easy. Infidelity causes long-term trust issues for both partners in the future when separation becomes final.

Financial Stress

Financial stress can take a toll on every aspect of your life, from your relationships to your physical health. Managing the finances of your household when only one works or if unpaid medical expenses pile up will cause misunderstandings and fights. 

Communication Problems

One of the most common communication problems is separation. Healthy conversations about the life and goals of the family can contribute to a harmonious relationship. But if there is a significant distance like recurring work travels, long-distance relationships or time differences, it can be difficult to create a conversation face to face. Even if technology is at hand with instant messaging apps or email, still the problem will come from how committed a person is to his or her partner. 

Divorce can be a lengthy and expensive process, often involving lawyers and court appearances. However, for many couples, divorce is the best solution to an unhappy marriage. It allows both parties to move on with their lives and start fresh.

In some cases, divorce can also be beneficial for children, particularly if their parents are constantly fighting. If you are considering divorce, it is important to consult with a top family lawyer in Sydney to discuss your options and know the family law rules. 

What Happens After Separation?

According to the Family Circuit and Family Court of Australia, you can apply for a divorce, if either you or your spouse:

  • Consider Australia as your residence and want to live there for an indefinite time
  • Already an Australian citizen or Australian by birth
  • Before you can apply for a divorce, you have been separated for a year or 12 months but ordinarily live in Australia.
  • You should satisfy the court that the marriage has indeed ended with no intention to reconcile the marriage to each other. 

If your marriage has failed, you may be wondering when to seek legal advice or how family lawyers in Sydney work. The answer can vary depending on your situation. 

Consulting Your Family Lawyer

If you and your spouse have concluded separation, your family lawyer must be the first person in mind to control future decisions on child custody, property division, wills and other important issues that may arise.

If you are finally facing divorce, you should consult with a lawyer who specialises in family law. This will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the divorce process and help you navigate the often-complex Australian divorce laws of your state.

What Is Family Law?

Family law is not just about divorce and child custody battles. Although they are one of the major points under its umbrella, it also encompasses adoption, guardianship, reproductive rights and domestic violence issues. Therefore, family law is any legal issue that pertains to the family unit.

Australian Family Law

The Family Law Act 1975 is the Australian federal law that governs family law. The act sets out the legal framework for dealing with family matters, including divorce, property division and child custody.

Australian family law is constantly evolving, with new court decisions and legislative changes happening all the time. However, the basic principles of Australian family law remain the same: to protect the best interests of children and to provide fairness and certainty for families going through tough times. 

If you’re going through a tough time in your family life, it’s important to seek out experienced legal advice to ensure that your rights are protected. Australian family law can be complex, but with the right help, you can navigate the system and get the outcome you deserve. Selecting the right family lawyer to deal with your divorce is also effective in handling legal battles you don’t have the power to. 

How Madison Marcus Can Help You

Ending a marriage is never easy. It is best to put your trust in an institution that has skills and expertise in handling complex family problems. If you are looking for assistance from the top family lawyers in Sydney, Madison Marcus can provide the legal aid that you need. 

We are an award-winning law firm consistently recognised for our high expertise in handling family law issues, including divorce, co-parenting and financial agreements and more.

For all enquiries or a free 15-minute consultation,contact us here.


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