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What to Consider When Hiring Family Lawyers

Why would you hire a family lawyer? What problems do you encounter in your family?

Whilst there is no perfect family, any family faces tons of issues inside the home. This could be about domestic violence. Does your partner beat you or abuse you? Do you have visitation rights to your child with your ex? Are you tired and you want to end your marriage?Whatever it is that you are experiencing, you will be needing someone higher to smoothly handle your problems within the family. When things get out of hand and no friend or relative has the capacity to offer help, you need to seek a family lawyer.

Tips for Hiring a Family Law Specialist?

With the diversity of skilled lawyers available, it is tricky to find one with the proper knowledge and experience to understand and carry out the task you need.

How to pick a family lawyer is laid down below.

  • Background Check

    The most crucial aspect to consider when hiring a family lawyer is to know their professional background and history. Whilst they handle your family matters, they will be delving into your personal life and taking note of confidential information. Hence, it would be best if you determine a lawyer’s motives and legal strategies prior to giving them your trust and confidence.
  • Area of Expertise

    It is recommended that the family lawyer you hire has proper education, as prescribed by the industry and considerable experience in family law to be able to implement the role effectively.
  • Referrals

    When hiring a family lawyer, it is best to get referrals from your trusted group of people. Most probably, if you know a lawyer outside the field of family law, they know at least one lawyer for certain dealing with cases as yours. If you are a member of Carlton IN Business (CIB), then they can surely help you identify and develop relationships with the right people, even family lawyers. CIB is the largest corporate network in the Australian business landscape that facilitates opportunities for its partners and members. 
  • Experience

    Check a lawyer’s past legal experience. What were the outcomes of their previous cases? How good are they at explaining family law rules? Through these experiences, family lawyers can make a better judgement of future cases and decipher nuances and subtleties in lawsuits and court proceedings.
  • Quality Time

    A lawyer must devote considerable time tackling your case to comprehend your situation thoroughly. Hence, a lawyer who can commit quality time to your case is one of the main points to consider when looking for a good family lawyer.

What Qualities Should a Family Lawyer Have?

Not all family lawyers are equal. Skill in court proceedings, tenacity, workload management and countless other factors contribute to a successful lawyer. A good family lawyer should have the following characteristics:

  • A Good Listener

    How can a lawyer build an effective strategy if they do not listen to your narrative? A good lawyer must have a clear vision of the path to victory for the client. The only way to this end is to listen to the client. 

    Family lawyers in Sydney tackle a wide range of sensitive issues and legal cases. In most cases, a client faces a significant amount of anxiety and emotion. A lawyer must act with care, consideration and compassion and approach all situations with a level head and nonjudgmental manner.
  • Has Excellent Communication Skills

    Being a master of the art of communication is a core skill of a good lawyer. Top family lawyers in Sydney are skilled communicators. Communicating well allows them to make persuasive arguments in the courtroom and advocate for their clients.

    Part of their communication skill is their excellent grasp of the English language and legal terminology. With such skill, they can speak confidently. Writing skills are also an essential requirement for success in this role. Writing in a professional and articulate way allows lawyers to showcase their knowledge and achieve a successful outcome for their clients.
  • Professionalism, Patience and Objectivity

    Emotional outbursts are common occurrences in the area of family law. Hence, a family lawyer must have above-par skills in conflict resolution. 

    A good family lawyer must achieve the perfect balance between empathy and emotional detachment. They must set aside personal feelings and emotions to achieve a positive outcome for their client and develop creative solutions to issues that arise.  
  • A Customised Strategy for Each Client

    Clients must have tailored processes for their cases. A firm that operates via a checklist of procedures for each client will likely produce unnecessary and expensive bills. A customised strategy for every client prevents unnecessary bills and cuts costs for the client.

    Although a checklist does have the advantage of helping firms stay on top of deadlines, rigidly following such a checklist for every client imposes unnecessary work and expenses.
  • Strong Work Ethic

    Family lawyers in Sydney often handle a heavy workload with tight deadlines. Good family lawyers are passionate and committed to their craft and willing to put in hours to support their clients.

    Once you find a family lawyer you are comfortable with, you must cooperate and communicate with them at all times so they can help you more effectively. You need to provide your lawyer with all the information and knowledge needed to handle your case appropriately. Also, share your entire narrative without missing a single detail, regardless of how embarrassing or confidential the information is.

How Madison Marcus Can Help You

Do you want to build a strong case for your family law issue?

Madison Marcus has a team of family lawyers in Sydney and Parramatta, as well as in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. We help clients achieve successful outcomes and powerful strategies. 

For all enquiries or to book a free 15-minute consultation, contact us today.


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