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What Distinguishes SRI from ESG investing

What Distinguishes SRI from ESG investing?

Many people think of socially responsible investing (SRI) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing as the same. However, there are key differences between these two approaches to investing.

In this blog post, we will explore those differences and help you decide which approach is right for you.

What Is SRI?

SRI is an investment strategy that takes into account both financial return and social/environmental good. The idea is to invest in companies that are not only profitable but also have a positive impact on society and the environment.

There are several ways to measure social and environmental impact, but some common criteria include sustainability, fair labour practices and diversity. Whilst there is no guarantee that a socially responsible investment will outperform the market, many investors believe that it is possible to create a portfolio that generates positive returns whilst also making a positive impact on the world. For these investors, SRI provides an opportunity to align their values with their investment decisions.

What Is ESG?

ESG investing is a type of investment that takes into account environmental, social and governance issues. In other words, it looks beyond just financial return to consider how a company’s activities affect people and the planet.

For many investors, ESG is a way to align their values with their investment portfolios. However, ESG investing is not just about doing good. It can also be good for your bottom line. Numerous studies have shown that companies with strong ESG practices tend to outperform those without them. This is likely due to a variety of factors, including better risk management, improved employee morale and increased customer loyalty.As awareness of the benefits of ESG investing grows, more and more investors are looking to incorporate it into their portfolios. When it comes to making money and doing good, ESG is a win-win.

Differences Between SRI and ESG

SRI and ESG investing are both similar in that they take into account non-financial factors when making investment decisions. The main difference between the two is that SRI specifically focuses on companies that meet certain social criteria, whilst ESG investing takes a broader approach that considers a company’s environmental and governance practices, as well as its social impact.

Should You Choose SRI or ESG For Your Portfolio?

There is a lot of debate in the investing world about which is better: SRI or ESG. So which one should you choose for your portfolio?

Firstly, what are your goals for your portfolio? If you care about making a positive impact on the world, then SRI or ESG might be a good fit for you. Both of these approaches consider a company’s non-financial performance, so you can be confident that your investments are aligned with your values.

Secondly, what kind of companies do you want to invest in? If you are looking for companies that are leaders in sustainability, then ESG is probably the way to go. With ESG investing, you can screen companies based on their environmental and social performance. This means that you can target the companies that are doing the most good and avoid those that are not measuring up.Finally, think about your risk tolerance. SRI and ESG can both involve investing in companies that are trying to effect change. Unfortunately, that change is not always guaranteed. So, if you are risk-averse, you might want to stick with more traditional investments. However, if you are willing to take on a little more risk in pursuit of your goals, then SRI or ESG could be the right choice for you.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using SRI or ESG Strategies?

Whilst SRI and ESG strategies have been gaining in popularity in recent years, some sceptics still question their effectiveness. After all, these strategies are relatively new, and it can be difficult to measure their long-term impact.

Additionally, some critics argue that SRI and ESG funds often come with high fees, which can eat into returns. There is also a risk that companies may ‘greenwash’ their operations to attract capital from SRI and ESG investors.

These concerns are valid, but all investment strategies come with relative risks and rewards. For example, traditional investing strategies may subject investors to environmental pollution and social injustice. As responsible investors become more perceptive about the impact of their investments, SRI and ESG strategies will likely continue to gain in popularity.

How Can I Get Started with SRI and/or ESG investing?

If you are interested in getting started with SRI or ESG investing, here are a few things you can do.

  1. Research the companies you are considering investing in and make sure they align with your values. You can find out more about a company’s environmental and social practices by looking at independent research reports or talking to an investment professional.
  2. Consider using an investment screen to filter out companies that do not meet your standards. Because there are different screens that you can use, you will need to decide what is most important to you. For example, some screens focus on a company’s carbon emissions, whilst others look at its treatment of workers or its involvement in controversial activities.
  3. Remember that you do not have to sacrifice financial returns to invest in a socially responsible way. Plenty of companies doing good things for the environment and society also happen to be profitable businesses.

By doing your research and making informed investment choices, you can have a positive impact on the world—and reach your financial goals.

impact on the world—and reach your financial goals.

How Madison Marcus Can Help You

When choosing between SRI and ESG, there is no easy answer. It depends on your goals, your values and your risk tolerance. Ultimately, the best approach is to learn as much as you can about both strategies and then make a decision that is right for you.

If you need more advice, Madison Marcus can help you understand the differences between ESG and SRI investing so you can make an informed decision about which is best for your portfolio. We provide unbiased information on sustainable and responsible investments to help you feel confident in your choices. With our assistance, you can choose investments that reflect both your values and your financial goals.

For all enquiries, contact us here.


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