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Understanding Construction and Infrastructure In Australia

When talking about construction and infrastructure, Australia has a solid pipeline of projects funded by the public sector from airports, rail projects, major road development, to energy and social infrastructure in the major cities. 

Australia is focused on enhancing the efficiency, productivity and safety of every infrastructure investment via the Office of Future Transport Technology and in accordance with the National Land Transport Technology Action Plan. 

Australia’s Innovative Infrastructure

The massive physical networks, such as railways, utilities and roads necessary for the modern industrial nation’s function, allow Australians to get to and from various locations within the country. It also provides access from safe drinking water to stable electricity and internet connections that help operate equipment in the hospital in order to save lives. This infrastructure is what makes Australia tick. 

In return, the economic support networks enable social infrastructure. These are institutions that maintain the health, cultural, social and economic standards of the state. Not to mention these include healthcare, education and financial systems. Unitedly, these networks provide opportunity and quality of life that makes Australia one of the best countries to live in the world. 

Sustainable Construction and Infrastructure

When it comes to sustainable construction and infrastructure, Sydney has a powerful pipeline that includes some of the most advanced and the biggest developments globally. The Western Sydney Aerotropolis — an international business getaway — is one of the most awaited projects in the coming years. The Western Sydney Airport will open in 2026, and it is expected to raise AU$5.3 billion. 

The state and commonwealth governments are committed to building the best opportunity to transform the western Sydney area into a leading-edge economic district. Its goal is to attract various industries, such as: 

  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Agribusiness
  • Health
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Freight and logistics 

Building of the Aerotropolis is based on innovation, sustainability, and world-class design principles. 

The advancement of Australia’s major cities and regional areas has always been a major focus on all government levels. Around 75% of Australians live in the 21 largest cities that generate 80% of GDP. A commitment to building a new public works system and rebuilding sustainable environments is a must to make Australia  more liveable under the supervision of construction and infrastructure  lawyers. 

What Is Infrastructure in Construction?

Civil engineering companies and infrastructure construction companies build dams, pipelines, bridges, road networks and railways. Numerous segments within the construction and infrastructure industry (ranging from housebuilders to road and railway contractors) support projects funded by the Australian government. This insight is mainly focused on companies involved in large projects that will take years to complete.

For example, with the aerospace and defence (A&D), large infrastructure construction plans usually feature a company that handles the entire project, including thousands of subcontractors providing  services and subcomponents. In the A&D industry, these are referred to as system integrators. 

Who Is Responsible for the Infrastructure in Australia?

Infrastructure Australia is the one handling public works related projects. Infrastructure Australia was established in July 2008 under the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008. 

It is an independent statutory body that provides research and advice to the industry and all government levels about projects relating to infrastructure investments in Australian facilities. 

Infrastructure Australia also preserves the Infrastructure Priority List. It is a process of prioritisation ensuring that there is a single government agency that evaluates and prioritizes relevant infrastructure projects at a national level. 

Future Infrastructure Projects

The future projects of infrastructure include rail and road, transit-oriented developments, urban regeneration programs, and the second international airport located in Sydney. These new opportunities do exist for the purpose of direct investment and involvement in the design, construction, operation and management of future projects. 

The NSW Department of Industry provides assistance to businesses that are considering new infrastructure investment. This is regardless if you’re relocating a business, expanding an existing one or building a new operation. The Department manages discussions with other planning organisations, in addition to disclosing information about the regulatory requirements and local market. 

Infrastructure Investment Program

The Government of Australia is investing around AU$110 billion over 10 years in land transport systems across the country. This is through its infrastructure pipeline in which most projects for land transport are under the Infrastructure Investment Program.

This is part of the Government’s strategy in terms of busting congestion, enhancing our regional connection, meeting our day to day freight challenge, providing Australians a home that is safe, and building a more resilient and stronger Australia. The A$110 billion investment is part of the Government’s plan to ensure a global first-rate economic recovery from the pandemic under the construction law. 

How Madison Marcus Can Assist You

The world of construction and infrastructure is very complex. No big project comes without big risks. Any building project is subject to the construction law which is a broad and specialised area. Each aspect of a construction project will be affected  by a combination of federal, state and local (council) laws.

There is so much to look forward to with regard to the construction and infrastructure law landscape. You will need well-experienced and highly trained professionals, who possess the fundamentals of their expertise and overlay them with construction and infrastructure. Whatever type of construction and infrastructure project you may have, you should be aware of your rights and obligations. 

At Madison Marcus, we have a dedicated construction and infrastructure team. The team will provide you with expert legal advice all the way from the start of the project through to successful execution and completion. 

Our construction and infrastructure team will help you plan,  develop  and review all types of building contracts. The team will also work with you to develop extension of time claims, variations, delayed damages claims, liquidated damages claims and all aspects of dispute resolution while the project is underway.
If you are looking for a construction lawyer or you wish to know more about construction and infrastructure in Australia, Madison Marcus is the right team to seek assistance. For all enquiries concerning  construction and infrastructure matters or for a free 15-minute consultation, kindly contact our expert team today via this form.


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