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We are thrilled to congratulate Theresa Armstrong for being recognised as one of the final 50 Elite Women by Australasian Lawyer. This prestigious honour is a testament to Theresa’s exceptional leadership and her profound impact on the legal profession.

In July, Australasian Lawyer initiated the search for exceptional female leaders. Theresa stood out among the nominees for her unwavering commitment to women, mental health, and the law and her remarkable influence as a keynote speaker in the legal landscape. The rigorous selection process, which involved a comprehensive review of achievements and initiatives over the past 12 months, underscores the significance of Theresa’s contributions to the legal profession.

Theresa’s dedication to the cause is evident in her advocacy for equity, mental health, International Women’s Day, and equality in the legal space. She has excelled professionally and actively worked towards creating a more inclusive and just legal system. Theresa’s efforts in tipping the scales of justice in favour of equity showcase her as a true leader.

The Elite Women list acknowledges individuals who have gone above and beyond, making meaningful and lasting impacts on the field of law. Theresa joins this distinguished group of legal leaders who are practitioners, innovators, and disruptors, courageously challenging the status quo inside and outside the courtroom.

As we celebrate Theresa Armstrong’s well-deserved recognition, we also recognise the collective achievements of women in the legal profession. 

Theresa, your accomplishments have not only elevated your career but have also contributed to the positive transformation of the legal landscape. We applaud your dedication, passion, and the trail you continue to blaze for others in the profession. Here’s to Theresa Armstrong, an Elite Woman of 2023 and a beacon of inspiration for all!