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/ Tenancy Support Payments

From 24 September 2021 eligible tenants can claim tenancy support payments of up to $4,500.00.
To be eligible a tenant must demonstrate they are a member of a household (any tenants and other persons living together in the same residential premises) that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

/ Any one or more of the rent payers have lost employment or have had their work hours or income reduced.
/ Any one or more of the rent payers have had to stop work or greatly reduce their work hours as they were either ill or caring for someone who is ill with COVID-19.
/ Any one or more of the rent payers have had their income reduced by 25% or more (including any government assistance received) compared to their weekly income received in the 4 weeks prior to 26 June 2021.

/ Freeze on Evictions

Any tenants that are unable to meet their residential rent payment will be protected from eviction during the period 14 July 2021 to 11 November 2021.

To be protected from eviction the tenant must demonstrate:

/ They are a COVID-19 impacted tenant; and
/ They have continued to pay at least 25% of the rent payable to the landlord.

From 12 November 2021, there will be a transitional period until the end of February 2022 that the tenant will be protected from eviction if:

/ They have come to an agreement with the landlord for an arrears repayment plan and the tenants meet the payments under the repayment plan.

If a repayment plan has not been agreed, it can be referred to the Tribunal and the Tribunal will have regard to:

/ The actions were taken by both the tenant and the landlord to come to an agreement for a repayment plan;
/ Any payments made towards the arrears.
/ The nature of the financial hardship experienced by either the tenant or the landlord.
/ Whether reasonable alternative accommodation is available.
/ Whether any financial assistance or land tax rebates have been applied for by the landlord.
/ Any special vulnerability of the tenant.

However, the freeze on evictions does not apply to social housing tenancies.


/ Financial Support for Rent Reduction

The Residential Tenancy Support Payment has been increased from $1,500.00 to up to $4,500.00 per tenancy agreement. The payment is capped at the lower if the rent reduction is given to the tenant or $4,500.00.

This payment is available for landlord’s who reduce the rent for COVID-19 impacted tenants from 14 July 2021.
The landlord is eligible for this payment:

/ If there is a residential tenancy agreement in place;
/ If the tenant is a COVID-19 impacted tenant;
/ If there is a written agreement to reduce or waive rent payable form 14 July 2021;
/ If the property is the tenant’s principal place of residence.

This payment does not apply to:

/ Commercial Premises such as short-term rental accommodation or as a serviced apartment; or
/ Premises being used as a boarding house or other shared accommodation arrangement.

A landlord can vary the rent period that goes beyond 11 November 2021 and that reduction can be made as part of the payment.

/ Freeze on Evictions

If a tenant is currently COVID-19 impacted a landlord is unable to take action to terminate the tenancy for any arrears accrued during the period from 27 September 2021 to 11 November 2021.

For more information visit NSW Fair Trading


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