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Bechara Shamieh: A Leading Dealmaker in the Legal Industry

Few names stand out as prominently in the legal industry’s competitive landscape as Bechara Shamieh. Recently recognised in the first-ever cohort of 2024 Australasian Lawyer and NZ Lawyer Dealmakers of the Year, Bechara Shamieh has firmly established himself as a top performer in the field. This prestigious accolade highlights his exceptional skills and contributions as a leading dealmaker in law.

The Legal Industry & Its Top Performers

The legal industry is known for its complexity and critical role in facilitating business transactions and resolving disputes. Within this realm, dealmakers are the professionals who excel in negotiating and structuring deals that drive economic growth and ensure legal compliance. Bechara Shamieh‘s recognition as a top dealmaker underscores his expertise and influence in this vital sector.

The Rigorous Selection Process

Australasian Lawyer and NZ Lawyer, respected authorities in the legal sector, conducted an exhaustive research study spanning four months to identify the industry’s top dealmakers. Their 30+ robust Intelligence Unit undertook extensive interviews with industry professionals and conducted in-depth research to determine the winners. Bechara Shamieh emerged as one of the distinguished contributors, meeting the exacting criteria for the Dealmakers of the Year.

Bechara Shamieh’s Exceptional Skills

What sets Bechara Shamieh apart in the legal industry is his outstanding ability to understand his clients’ needs and consistently deliver exceptional results, often under demanding conditions. His expertise in dealmaking involves navigating complex legal frameworks, negotiating favourable terms, and ensuring that all parties achieve their objectives. This dedication to excellence is what earned him recognition as a leading dealmaker.

With over 25 years of experience as a senior-level executive, lawyer and advisor, Bechara Said Shamieh has served many private, public and foreign companies. He holds prominent positions, including CEO of Madison Marcus, director of Special Advisory and Special Projects, and director and CIO of ARECOR. Bechara is also an advisory board member of and a director of Transcend Capital (AFSL). Additionally, Bechara serves as a legal advisor and FSHD Global Foundation board member. He has also acted on several corporate actions, including IPOs, M&A and complex finance structures involving debt and equity with combined project values of over $30 billion. A seasoned dealmaker and senior executive specialising in areas of M&A, Dispute Resolution & Negotiation, Corporate Finance Special Projects, Energy & Resources, Petroleum, Corporate Governance and ESG, Commercial & Corporate Law, Property, Construction & Building Development, Bechara has overseen and advised on some of Australia’s most significant transactions and joint ventures.


Insights from Industry Leaders

Chris Sweeney, Managing Editor for Special Reports at Australasian Lawyer and NZ Lawyer, highlighted the competitive nature of the selection process. He stated, “The depth and breadth of nominees underlined just how high the industry calibre of dealmakers is. Bechara Shamieh stood out amongst such fierce competition for his outstanding ability to understand the needs of his clients and consistently deliver for them, often under demanding time and pressure constraints.”

Commitment to Legal Excellence

Bechara Shamieh‘s recognition as a top dealmaker in the legal industry is a testament to his dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to his clients. His ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and his strategic thinking and negotiation skills make him a standout professional in the field.

In the ever-evolving legal industry, dealmakers like Bechara Shamieh play a crucial role in driving success and fostering growth. His recent accolade as one of the 2024 Dealmakers of the Year by Australasian Lawyer and NZ Lawyer highlights his exceptional skills and contributions to the field. For those seeking top-tier legal expertise and a proven track record of success in dealmaking, Bechara Shamieh is undoubtedly a name to watch.

By understanding the significance of his achievements and the rigorous process behind his recognition, it is clear that Bechara Shamieh is a leading figure in the legal industry, dedicated to delivering outstanding results for his clients.

Australasian Lawyer & NZ Lawyer 2024 Dealmakers of the Year Award medal

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