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A new era in data protection

We’re proud to be setting the benchmark in data protection by becoming the first law firm in Australia to partner with Secured Communications and sign up to their Mercury communication platform.

The platform is an ultra-secure, encrypted videoconference, messaging, audio calling, and file transfer platform designed for business use. Unlike other companies, Mercury will never harvest and share user data or trade its clients’ privacy protection for a larger user base. Mercury allows users to host videoconference meetings privately and securely via a web browser or mobile device without disruptions or leaks of sensitive information. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to force corporate companies to predominantly work from home, the reliance on technology has become perennial. This shift has underscored the need for secure, reliable communication.

A recent survey conducted by Forcepoint revealed that 71% of global CEOs said they were losing sleep over the prospect of their company’s next security breach. The survey also revealed less than half (46%) regularly review their cyber security strategy – coupled with more and more companies relying on video technology for remote working – the likelihood, and therefore the risk, of a security breach is significantly higher. According to the Office of Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) findings between January to June 2020, malicious and criminal attacks remain the leading cause of data breaches (accounting for 61%), with the legal and finance sector being in the top five of those affected. One of Australia’s most distinguished police officers and counter-terrorism experts, former NSW deputy commissioner, Nick Kaldas, has joined forces with Secured Communications as inaugural Managing Director of AsiaPacific, to protect businesses against the massive threat of cyber-attacks.

Speaking about the partnership with Secured Communications, our Managing Director, Bechara Shamieh, said law firms must stay at the forefront of the protection and handling of data and confidential and privileged information. “There can be no shortcuts taken when it comes to the protection of our clients’ data and this is why we’re proud to utilise the Mercury platform. We chose Mercury because it offers one of the highest military-grade encrypted platforms in the world, when it comes to the transfer of data and communications. This might sound like a costly and overly technical exercise but compared to the potential reputational and monetary cost of a data breach, the investment is negligible. As Australia’s preeminent digital law firm, we strive to protect and empower our clients to be market leaders in their chosen sectors. We are excited to announce the Mercury Platform will be available to all our clients.”

For more information on the Mercury platform powered by Secured Communications, please visit


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