Thoughts and sympathies to the people affected by the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

On 4 August 2020, the world was shocked by the horrific explosion in Beirut, Lebanon which has killed at least 135 people and injured more than 5000 others. The stories of survivors and their experiences in the wake of the explosion are particularly harrowing. Many people from all over the world are still grappling with the events that have unfolded and are desperate to understand how such a catastrophic blast could occur. Still, the consequences of the explosion have not yet been fully realised, as emergency workers and responders continue to search for survivors and tend to the injured. In Australia, our Lebanese community and their extended family and friends have been deeply affected by this crisis, and we as Australians are similarly distraught. Our team at Madison Marcus maintains strong relationships with these local communities, and we wish to extend to them our sincerest thoughts and sympathies. We cannot possibly understand how distressing this has been for those who have loved ones living in Lebanon. We recognise that many people are experiencing this pain, and we want…

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In a response to Hong Kong’s new National Security Law, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has suspended the country’s extradition agreement, extended visas for the estimated 10,000 Hong Kong people residing in Australia and announced that Australia is “looking to recruit” Hong Kong businesses. The new security law effectively gives Beijing the power to shape the lives of both individuals and businesses in Hong Kong. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said in a Press Conference on 9 July 2020 that there will be “new incentives and arrangements to attract export-orientated Hong Kong-based businesses to relocate to Australia, particularly where they have a strong potential for future growth and employment of Australians”, and that “through our global talent program… if there are businesses that wish to relocate to Australia, creating jobs, bringing investment, creating opportunities for Australia, then we will be very proactive in seeking to encourage that.” A 5 year temporary skilled visa with a pathway to permanent residency for future Hong Kong applicants will also be provided, subject to meeting an updated skills list and appropriate labour…

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At Madison Marcus, we love to celebrate employees who embody our values of passion, integrity, progress and teamwork. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to congratulate three of our team on their recent promotions. In Commercial Litigation, John de la Hoyde has been promoted to Partner and Nicholas Hallasso to Senior Associate, while Anna Minassian has been appointed Associate in our Strata Team.  Group Managing Director of Madison Marcus, Bechara Shamieh, had this to say about the highly valued team members: “It is always a privilege to watch staff grow and develop. John, Nicholas and Anna have all made wonderful contributions to the firm during their time here. They live and breathe our values and these promotions are much deserved recognition of all their hard work.” The promotion was a great honour for John de la Hoyde, who has excelled in areas of commercial litigation and dispute resolution. Understandably, he was delighted with the news and said: “This is a big milestone for me in my legal career. I am really excited to be part of the leadership…

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