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We are delighted to announce that effective from 16 October 2023

Ms Yuqing Sui has been employed by Madison Marcus

Ms Sui was the principal solicitor of Sui & Co Legal, a suburban law firm predominantly practised in the areas of Commercial, Property and Commercial Litigation. 

This is a very exciting endeavour and opportunity for Ms Sui and the clients of Sui & Co Legal. Our companies hold comparable values and philosophies in business for producing a high-quality work for our clients, with an emphasis on integrity, and the reputation of providing a positive attitude towards our work.

The expansive practice areas of Madison Marcus, such as planning law, construction law and taxation are all complementary to Ms Sui’s commercial and property law clients.

Our greatest assets will always be our people, and with new employment through Madison Marcus, we anticipate to further develop and execute in our range of services and expertise to better serve our clients legal needs.

Though Ms Sui now operates as an employee of the company, Madison Marcus, you can rely on the same personal working relationships that you have had in the past. You will still be dealing with the same people, and you can depend on the same quality of work. Our Capability Statement can be found from this link.

Our office address, phone numbers and email contacts will change as of 16 October 2023 and you will be updated as a matter of priority.

Please join us as we look forward to an exciting and prosperous future for our employees, our project partners and our clients.



Yuqing Sui