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Madison Marcus offer specialised legal services to high-profile individuals, brands and organisations in the sports, entertainment and media industries. Our lawyers understand the complex operating framework and regulatory environment affecting these unique industries and provide expert advice that can help to protect, control and maximise the value of your brand.

Madison Marcus offer specialised legal services to high-profile individuals, brands and organisations in the sports, entertainment and media industries.

Madison Marcus are trusted advisors to some of Australia’s prominent high-profile athletes, sporting clubs and associations, film and television personalities and media brands.

Our sports, entertainment and media lawyers provide a broad range of services and advice including contract review and negotiation, corporate structuring and commercial advice, asset protection, property and business sale and acquisitions, intellectual property rights protection and enforcement, broadcasting and media rights, public relations and defamation.

In addition, our lawyers have experience advising and representing clients in a wide range of disputes.

Madison Marcus are up to date with industry and consumption trends and changing business models including the rise and influence of social media, digital media and the growing ease of access to information.

Our lawyers provide reliable and succinct commercial advice in all areas of sports law, particularly in respect of contracts, licensing, sponsorships and endorsements, intellectual property and media rights.

Madison Marcus are your specialist firm when it comes to handling high profile matters. We have advised on and been instructed in many matters attracting media attention, public scrutiny and with a real risk of public relations damage.

We also provide expertise into issues of integrity including on and off-field behavioural misconduct and investigations into Anti-Doping proceedings involving the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). We represent clients in a range of regulatory and disciplinary proceedings including independent sporting tribunals, judiciaries and the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Our team is able to act in a crisis relief role and provide advice that not only covers your legal needs, however, in addition advises you in relation to your public relation requirements and matters arising in situations that require more than a mere legal approach.

The team of lawyers at Madison Marcus are experienced in sports, entertainment, media and criminal law. Madison Marcus has established relationships with industry leaders and influencers in the Australian media and PR landscape.

Where required, our lawyers engage experts who provide the highest quality strategic and practical advice to develop and maintain positive brand association and ensure long-term success.

Our services include:

  • Contracts;
  • Public Relations;
  • Defamation;
  • Commercial Services;
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution;
  • Governance & Regulation;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Safety & Risk;
  • Taxation & Financial Services;
  • Sports Integrity Commission Enquiries;
  • Judiciary & Tribunal Hearings;
  • Judiciary & Tribunal Advisory;
  • Advice on criminal charges, including pre-charge advisory and running your matter through to successful completion.


Review, draft & negotiate sponsorships, endorsements, licensing & distribution, corporate transactions, club transfers & media rights.

Intellectual Property

Establish, protect & enforce intellectual property rights through platforms including trademark, design & patent registration, copyright advice & enforcement.

Public Relations & Defamation

Our lawyers have defamation experience & the acumen to effectively manage the media & provide crisis management during an public relations event.

Defamation affects not only high-profile persons, however, also organisations and businesses alike. Someone’s comments and publications can cause an adverse reaction in business. This can be by virtue of speech, publications, website, blogs or social media. At Madison Marcus we understand there is a fine line between free speech and causing a loss of image and detriment which leads to loss. This is why we have specialist defamation lawyers who work as part of the sports, entertainment and media law team. 

Governance & Regulation

Rules & regulation, compliance & enforcement of integrity issues including on & off-field behavioural misconduct, match-fixing, corruption & wrongful termination.

Commercial Services

Advice on business & commercial structures including joint ventures, shareholding arrangements, director’s duties, licensing & distribution & property transactions.

Taxation & Financial Services

Advice on the legal aspects of finance, investments & tax including income tax & deductions, trusts, asset protection, superannuation structures & wealth management.

Safety & Risk

Our lawyers & accredited specialists can represent you in matters relating to sporting insurance claims, personal injury claims, discrimination, negligence & liability.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Sport-related disciplinary matters involving the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority & World Anti-Doping Agency.

For all enquiries in relation to sports, media or entertainment law or commercial law enquiries,  please contact our specialists today. 

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