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Lelyan Elias


Lelyan is an Immigration Lawyer (and former Migration Agent) with over 12 years’ experience in the industry. Her experience ranges between visa-related matters and administrative law. Particularly, Lelyan’s expertise in the immigration field ranges between refugee/protection visas, family migration, skilled independent/employment sponsored migration, business visas, and labour agreements.

Lelyan’s career commenced in 2009 as a paralegal where she worked predominantly on visa and Tribunal applications. Whilst completing her Bachelor of Laws, Lelyan was passionate about her work and decided to complete a Graduate Certificate in Australian Immigration Law & Practice simultaneously. She became a Registered Migration Agent in August 2012 and was subsequently admitted as an Australian Lawyer in January 2016. She has also assisted corporate clients in retaining and securing skilled workers to fill industry-related shortages.

Recently, Lelyan has been working closely with industry-specific leaders in handling skill shortages that are otherwise not available under the current TSS visa. Recently after working tirelessly, Lelyan and the Global Mobility Team were able to secure a Labour Agreement under the occupation of ‘Minister of Religion’.

Lelyan continues striving in the immigration field due to her passion and commitment to helping others, particularly bringing families together, assisting those in dire need of humanitarian/protection in Australia, and helping skilled migrants start a new and promising chapter in their lives in Australia. She aspires to become an Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law through the Law Institute of Victoria and will be completing the requirements in early 2022.