Sheldon Fu

Foreign investment & commercial
asia division manager, MELBOURNE

Sheldon Fu holds three law degrees, including a Bachelor of Laws from China, a Masters of Laws in the United States of America and a Juris Doctor in Australia and is qualified to practice law in Australia and China. Sheldon is highly specialised in the areas of Property Law, Commercial Law and Civil Litigation.

Sheldon’s legal experience and educational background assists his clients to bridge their investment between two countries and ultimately operate on an international platform. Sheldon is capable of explaining complex legal issues in a simple manner in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Sheldon is also able to assist Chinese nationals who wish to invest in Victoria as well as individuals who wish to invest in China. Sheldon prides himself in his ability to support his clients through complex and difficult legal matters as well ensuring that they receive the best outcome in both a timely and cost effective manner.

In addition to practicing law internationally, Sheldon aspires to teach Australian Law as a lecturer in a remote Chinese University.

Contact Sheldon
+61 3 9670 4033

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