So, you have been sent off or reported and need to attend a sporting tribunal, what do you do?

Far too often players are left scratching their head trying to navigate through the disciplinary rules of their local association or sporting body, only to be more confused on what to do than before they began. This overview provides information on how to best prepare yourself for a sporting tribunal process. Obtain all relevant information with your disciplinary offence, familiarise yourself with the relevant dates and review the disciplinary rules of whichever sporting body or association applies. In most circumstances, your association or the sporting body will provide you and/or your club with the relevant information detailing your charge, the independent reports as well as any other evidence associated with your offence. They will also provide you with the date and time that the Tribunal will conduct your hearing. Depending on your sport, each local association may have their own separate disciplinary regulation and processes. These regulations will include rules which the association or sporting body must follow, such as timeframes to lodge evidence and table offences with the minimum and maximum periods of suspension if found guilty.…

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