Wills and Estates Planning

A Will is a legally binding document that sets forth your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets and the care of any dependents after you pass. A Will not only allows you to share what’s precious to you with your loved ones and leave gifts to charities, it can also help take the pressure off your family members during a difficult time. At Madison Marcus, we understand that each person’s circumstances are entirely unique, which is why we keep our clients at the centre of what we do, and each Estate Plan is carefully crafted to suit the unique individual’s needs and wishes. Some common reasons to create a Will include: To appoint a guardian for your children Your Will can provide detailed instructions on who you would like to take care of your dependents. Noting your wishes in your Will means that you can clearly articulate and provide valuable insight as to who you believe would be best suited to be their Guardian. You should appoint one or two people you trust for this responsibility, and…

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