The COVID-19 vaccine and work – your rights and obligations

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Can your employer ask you to get the COVID-19 vaccine? What if you refuse? Or, if you’re an employer, can you insist staff get the vaccine? As the vaccine rollout gains momentum, more and more employees and employers are needing to consider whether workers can be required to get vaccinated. Some state governments have moved […]

Deng’s Immigration Journey

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Immigration law is an incredibly rewarding area of law because we are often directly involved in matters that greatly impact the lives of the individuals and families we assist. We have a multitude of amazing stories that remind us of the importance of the work that we do. The following is just one such story. […]

Madison Marcus polo team wins debut game at Scone Cup

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In exciting news for Madison Marcus, our newly-formed polo team competed in their first tournament of the season – The Scone Cup Challenge. With 15 highly skilled teams competing, we knew the tournament was going to be a tough one. This proved to be the case in the very first match, where our team had […]