Madison Marcus polo team wins debut game at Scone Cup

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In exciting news for Madison Marcus, our newly-formed polo team competed in their first tournament of the season – The Scone Cup Challenge. With 15 highly skilled teams competing, we knew the tournament was going to be a tough one. This proved to be the case in the very first match, where our team had […]

Western Sydney Airport Forces Rezoning of Properties

Western Sydney Airport forces rezoning of properties – where does this leave residents? In October 2020, the NSW Government rezoned all land surrounding the airport at Badgerys Creek. The rezoning has seen some properties transform from 100 per cent rural land to 100 per cent environmental land (Green Space) and other properties considerably dropped in […]

Staff Spotlight: Theresa Armstrong

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Every now and then, we like to celebrate some of the amazing people that make up the Madison Marcus team. Today, we want to shine the spotlight on the extraordinary Theresa Armstrong. If we were to simply list Theresa’s career achievements, that would be more than impressive enough, but when combined with her life story, […]

Business Interruption Insurance and COVID-19

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For businesses that have suffered economic impact due to COVID-19, the question often arises: how continual will operations be once the pandemic ends? The provisional protections under the Corporations Act, such as adjustments to the insolvency rules, have now come to an end, so businesses will soon have a better understanding as to whether they […]